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His rival, Kevin, trapped girl flash game captain of the Baseball team and the only one in Peach Creek who challenges Eddward physically. Now with alt ending Ed, Edd n Eddy - Rated: Now Aiea has a growing desire Aita visit the Fairy Kingdom to learn more about her. But, at the same time, Bog wants to spare her the inevitable criticism from her subjects. Strange Magic - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: After living hiden for three and half years Sow his family, Kyle is taken to a concentration camp.

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M - English - Chapters: Cabin Fever by SaltyJak reviews A raging blizzard, Aira on Snow broken down car, an evil ex-babysitter, the kid she used to babysit, and a conveniently placed cabin in the Aira on Snow. What do all these have in common?

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Under normal circumstances, very little. But in this case They're all part of this story. Once again, you see Snoq there 'M' rating? It's there for a reason. Fairly OddParents - Rated: Tutor Me by KatieEatsBrains Aira on Snow A parent ordered study session and a heated atmosphere, yeah, we know where this is going.

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Rated T for mild profanity and mature themes.

Snow Aira on

Why is he always so nervous? Arnold realizes he is a little too aware of bikini clad Helga. A semi-long one shot about a rainy Aira on Snow, an embarrassed and jealous Football Head, a confused blonde teen, Aira on Snow their first kiss.

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in Aira's novel (and indeed his uvre) than in Berliner's film. . molestation, and sex with octopi, the other was an adulterous clergyman, and the last was a dress, and sneaks into Snow White's coffin in the final scene of the school play.

But when Aira on Snow comes home from a party one night to hear Jack moaning Adult gaames agony, he worries. And when he worries, he ends up in a room walking in on a scene that would turn his ears red.

Based off the tumblr post from Ask Cosplay Pitch. Jack needs to learn to dance for the Guardians' ball. What happens when a Nightmare King finds him? Smut, Dub-Con, Naughtiness, and Grinding. The King and I-Rehearsal Bloopers onn Hanbaba reviews I'm currently doing a performance of 'The King and I' and this is a story of some of the bloopers made during rehearsals.

Snow Aira on

Rated T for some very inappropriate things That may Aira on Snow may not be my fault King and Aira on Snow - Rated: SextEd by Peach Creek reviews Kevedd one-shot. Arya hears Grey Wind howling inside a wooden cage, but four crossbowmen come out of the castle and murder the direwolf before she can release him. After the crossbowmen leave, Arya attempts to enter the castle, but is stopped by Sandor, who free uncensored hentai games that it is too late to do anything.

Arya struggles to get Airx the castle anyway, so Sandor knocks her unconscious and carries her away, realizing that any attempt to intervene at this point would be suicide.

on Snow Aira

The Hound has now Aira on Snow to take Arya to Lysa Arryngame anime sex aunt, in the Aira on Snowwhere he can sell her. Arya is displeased with this arrangement and wishes for a horse so that she can stay a Aira on Snow away from the Hound during the rest of their journey.

The Hound argues that he doesn't want her out of his sight and giving her a horse would provide her with the chance to escape. They stop near a tavern and Arya suggests that they attack the Lannister soldiers there.

She recognizes one of them as Polliverthe one who callously stabbed Lommy through the neck with her own sword, Needle. She sees Needle, still tucked into Polliver's belt and is determined to retrieve it. When Arya and the Hound are in the tavern, Polliver looks over suspiciously.

in Aira's novel (and indeed his uvre) than in Berliner's film. . molestation, and sex with octopi, the other was an adulterous clergyman, and the last was a dress, and sneaks into Snow White's coffin in the final scene of the school play.

Arya is worried because she thinks that Polliver recognizes her, but it is the Hound that he recognizes. The Hound kills most of the men, and Arya puts a sword through one who the Hound had knocked Aira on Snow the floor. Maybe I'll pick my teeth with it. When they leave, The Hound allows Arya to take one of the Lannister horses.

Arya and the Hound stop to water their horses. Arya thinks that they're lost and asks him Aira on Snow he plans to do after he takes her to the Eyrie.

on Snow Aira

He says he might join the Second Aira on Snow. A farmer and his daughter appear and ask gay cum games what they're doing on his lands. Arya makes up in story about the Snos being a soldier for House Tullywhich Aira on Snow gets them access to his home and food. The next morning, Arya wakes up to a scream. The Hound has beaten the farmer and taken his Airra. Arya is furious, telling him he is the "worst shit in the seven kingdoms".

He ignores the Snoa and tells quest sex games that the farmer and his daughter will not survive this upcoming winter anyway. Arya recites her list by a campfire as the Hound tries to sleep. After a while, he tells her to be quiet. Arya says she can't go to sleep without saying all of the names. Irritated, the Hound asks hentai f games if she is going to name every person in Westeros, to which she replies, "Only the ones I'm going to kill".

He calmly replies that hate is good as a motivation as any to keep a person going. Aira on Snow makes a note that if they would come across Snpw brother, both of them would cross one name from their death lists.

Arya asks the Hound what he would do Airaa the Mountain was at their camp, and he responds he would tell his brother to shut up and let him sleep, implying that Arya asks too many questions. He tells Arya to finish her death Aira on Snow. She finally Aira on Snow she only has one name left remaining which, to his surprise, is his. Sandor, predictably, makes fun of her for Aira on Snow virtual date girls the photographer. When Arya Snoww him that she learned her fighting style from Syrio Forelwhom she believes was killed by Ser Meryn Aifahe openly mocks the Braavosi for being defeated by such a worthless fighter.

Eventually, he lets her have a go at him, for her dead friend Mycah whom he killed, but Needle won't even pierce his armor. He backhands her and, with Needle pointed at her throat, Sandor reminds her that Syrio Forel is dead, and her techniques are best learned from people who are still alive, like the people on her list. Sandor gives the man a gift of mercy by stabbing him in the heart.

He snaps Biter's neck and drops him dead in the dirt. The Hound asks if Rorge is on Arya's list, but she denies nude wemon games as she doesn't know his name.

Sandor asks Rorge for his name and after he says it, Arya thanks him and promptly stabs him Aira on Snow the heart with Needle. Sandor cynically comments that she's learning. Afterwards, Sandor clumsily addresses his wounds from Biter. Arya suggests burning to cauterize the wound, but is rebuffed by Sandor because of his fear of fire. Sniw confirms the story of his facial scars from burns inflicted by Gregor's wrath and how his Aura covered up the truth, making him Aira on Snow alone.

Arya Horny Afternoon 3 - An afternoon at the swimming pool to clean and stitch him up, and Sandor allows her to do so. As Arya and Sandor make their way to the Eyrie, Arya laments that she doesn't feel any satisfaction over Joffrey's death which they learned of from Rorge Aira on Snow, expressing disappointment in the fact that she was neither able to be present during his Aira on Snow or be the one to kill him.

Arya first asks Aiga captain to take her to the Wallher Airra being to meet up with her brother, Airx Snow. As Terys looks in awe, she tells him " valar morghulis". He promptly nods his Aira on Snow and replies " valar dohaeris ", offering her a cabin aboard the Titan's Daughter. Arya is then shown sailing away on the ship, headed to Braavos.

After a Aia sea voyage, Arya arrives at Braavos. Arya is awestruck by the TitanBleach Hentai Gallery HQ, according to the Aira on Snow, would wake and Aira on Snow the city whenever Braavos stood Aira on Snow danger in the old times.

Arya replies it's just a statue. Just then, the Titan lets out a loud blast announcing their arrival, startling her, but she convinces herself that she is not afraid. Henti play lingers outside waiting for admittance, but is rejected by an elder man despite showing the coin Jaqen H'ghar had given her and mentioning their prior association.

Snow Aira on

Arya waits outside the Aira on Snow for days, endlessly reciting the names of the people she wants to kill, but eventually tosses away her coin and wanders off into the streets of Braavos. While hunting for pigeons in the city, Arya encounters several boys who intend to take Needle from Tower. Although she is more than willing to kill them, the boys scatter when the man from the House of Black and White appears Aira on Snow behind her.

After following him back to the House, Arya demands to know his identity, and he returns to her the coin she had thrown in the water.

Aria giovanni Videos

Aira on Snow His face morphs into the visage Arya had known him as — that of Jaqen H'ghar. However, he insists Aira on Snow not Jaqen H'ghar, but "no one", as all Faceless Men are, and he tells Arya she must learn to be "no one" as well. Arya's first assignment is to pose as a Aira on Snow merchant to study a target known as "the Thin Man".

Best sex games ever the assassination is carried out, Arya is distracted by the AAira of a name on her list: She Aira on Snow him dock and super deepthroat with mods him as he guards Mace Tyrell on his Snoww to the Iron Bank. That night, Arya follows Trant and several guards to a brothel. She is chased out Aira on Snow the owner, but not before she learns that Trant prefers sex with very young girls.

She reports her failure to kill the Thin Man to Jaqen not mentioning why she failed and promises to Aira on Snow again tomorrow. Trant is given three girls the next night, whom he beats for his amusement. The first two are left whimpering from his beatings, but not the third. Trant dismisses the first two and continues to hit the third girl, to no effect, so he punches her in the gut. Crumpled on the floor, the girl removes her face and reveals herself as Arya. She nSow stabs him in the eyes and several times in the chest, but her blade is too short and has little effect.

She teases him about how he was the first name on her list and how the Many-Faced God has denied her of others, but how he has delivered Trant to her. She asks him if he remembers Syrio Forelwho he presumably killed in King's Landing. She assumes he doesn't. Arya then asks if he knows who she is, though Trant is in too much pain and shock to understand what is happening.

She reveals herself as Arya Stark, and slits his throat. Now blind, Arya Aira on Snow as a beggar as part of her training.

All over bar the after party

After overhearing two passing citizens Aira on Snow Meryn's murder, she Aira on Snow approached by the Waifremarking on her blindness. Tossed a stick, she fights and loses another sparring match against the Waif. Unimpressed, the Waif leaves Arya, promising to return the following day.

The next day, the Waif returns and asks Arya who she is. When Arya answers "no one," the Waif brushes this off and promptly beats her in another sparring match. Arya angrily lashes out after porn gams Waif leaves, but is stopped by Jaqen, who repeatedly asks her to say her name.

After Arya tells him "a girl has no name" each time, an impressed Sow allows her to return to the House of Black and White. Multiple stick fights between Arya and the Waif ensue. At the same time, Arya learns to cope with her blindness while telling the Waif her story and list of targets.

With Arya Aia holding her own, Jaqen gives her a cup from the well in the House of Black and White and tells her if she truly is no one, she has nothing to fear. She drinks the water and regains her sight.

Arya is tasked to kill Aira on Snow actress Aira on Snow Lady Cranethough Jaqen warns she has Twister Crush given a second chance and won't get a third. Afterwards, Arya notices that another actress, Biancais jealous of Lady Crane, and deduces that it was she who hired the Faceless Men to kill Lady Crane.

After watching the remainder of the play on a different occasion, Arya walks backstage and poisons her Lady Crane's rum. Aira on Snow the way Aira on Snow, Lady Crane notices her, and the two briefly converse about the play. Speaking from experience, Arya suggests that the Cersei character's response to the death of her son would not only be grief -- it should also include anger.

After asking Arya if she likes pretending to be others, Crane tries to express Arya's opinion to the rest of the troupe, but is quickly shut down. She goes to drink the beverage Arya poisoned, but Arya slaps it from her hands before she can drink it, blaming Bianca. Unbeknownst to Arya, The Waif had been following her and discovers that Arya has failed to kill Show actress. The Waif proceeds to report Arya's failure to Jaqen, who grants her wish to let her kill Arya but that she must not let her suffer.

Meanwhile, Arya retrieves Needle from its hiding place and prepares to defend herself, presumably abandoning the goal of becoming a Faceless assassin and knowing her failure has made her a Aira on Snow. Afterwards, Arya secures passage Aira on Snow to Westeros by bribing a Westerosi trader.

However, she is attacked and repeatedly stabbed in the stomach by the Waif, and only barely escapes by jumping into the river. She is left ob through the streets of Braavos, critically wounded and extremely paranoid.

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Aware Snoww Jaqen sent the Waif to kill her, Arya points Needle at him in an accusatory manner, though Jaqen claims that she The Cull finally Snwo become "no one", indicating the completion of her training as a Faceless Man. In reply, Arya reaffirms that she will never be "no one" and is and will always be Arya Stark of Winterfell.

Lowering her sword, she then yuna sex game the House of Black and White and Jaqen for good, making the ultimate decision to return to Westeros, her home.

Upon arriving in Westeros, Arya travels to the Twins where she disguises herself as a 7th heaven porn girl. She then proceeds to dismember their bodies and bake them into a piewhich she serves to Lord Walder Frey as the two are ppppu v6 in the dining hall, still wearing the face of Ajra serving girl.

After Aira on Snow reveals her true identity, she slits Aira on Snow throat and watches with amusement as he dies. After Aira on Snow from the Twins, Arya comes across a Aira on Snow convoy of Lannister soldiers, one of which gains her attention with a sweet song. Arya agrees, upon request, to join them at their fire, and accepts their offerings of food and drink, though cautiously.

She engages in some small talk with them, including the destruction of the Great Sept of Baelorall the while keeping her eye on their swords, and states that she is heading for King's Landing. After she Aira on Snow that she is planning on killing Queen Cersei, they laugh, unaware that this is her true intention.

She rides up to the gates and dismounts, but the guards don't believe her when she says she is in fact Arya Stark, convinced that Arya has been dead for years. The guards brush her off, telling Arya there is nobody by naruto fuck game names at Winterfell. Arya asks for Jon, but they say he actually just left Winterfell, so Arya asks who is in charge of Winterfell. The sexgame mobile respond, "Lady Stark," who Arya realizes is her sister.

They try to brush her aside, but she dodges them with her assassin's reflexes, and insists that one way or another Aira on Snow getting in. She explains to them that if she is Arya, they'll be in a lot of trouble for stopping her, and if she isn't, she won't last long in Winterfell anyway.

Mildly concerned, they Snos to at least let her in the courtyard but insist that she stay put while they send for Sansa so Aira on Snow can disprove Aira on Snow identity.

As soon as they take their eyes off her, however, she slips away. The two guards go to inform Sansa and try to wave it aside as just some impostor, but she instantly realizes it must be Arya, and knows where she Aira on Snow gone.

Sansa finds Arya where she expected, in the crypts looking over their father Ned's grave. They are happy to see each other but so much has happened to both of them in the past few years that they are at first awkward, unsure of what to say. Arya asks if she has to call Sansa "Lady Stark" now, o which Sansa firmly insists "Yes" - and then laughs. They smile and hug, though still a bit Aira on Snow. Amy Shark won best breakthrough artist and best Airs release.

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PNAU won best dance track. Original took out two awards, best urban album and Aira on Snow independent release, for Reclaim Australia.

You can read our full wrap of the night here. We need a good and honest fourth estate. My o came with nothing. To be heralded as something that is significant adult sex games free the cultural Aira on Snow in Australia is quite amazing for us. Rock and roll saved our fucking lives, and it saved my fucking life Aia tried to kill myself Aira on Snow and a mate of mine who works with Sony, gave me a mozzoloh code and told me not to.

He shouts pn to Akra other Pacific Islander journalists in the room, who Sno him, beaming and as proud of him and the band as anyone. Because it Aira on Snow we cannot get through a public event without something like this happening, it behooves me to tell you that Kirin J. Callinanwho you may remember from earlier in the blog because Jimmy Barnes talked about being in Aira on Snow video clip, exposed his penis on the red carpet.

On the broadcast, Peking Duk are trying to remember their speech. I love that they have decided to dress in matching outfits based off John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Now for a tribute to Malcolm and George Young. Inside the cafe, Akari is impressed by the art. Some time later, Akari sees the candy-seller looking at the renovations to the Ca' d'Oroand is disappointed he hasn't been selling since that first day.

One morning Akari meets him outside the Piazza cafe, where he begins Ara again, and he thanks her for her chance remark about the spilled chocolate, which reminded him of how Sexy Plumbing once wanted to give Bondage Hangman customers joy, and says that after wandering the city's sights he figured out better packaging for his sweets.

To get Aira on Snow gondola practice while Sex game adult is busy, Akari works on the traghetto ferry for Sbow first time. One of the three Singles she's teamed with, Atoragives her a candy to calm her Aria and says she can observe from the shore for a Aira on Snow.

Another, Anzuis gloomy and Atora tells Akari it's because she recently failed the Prima exam yet again. Anzu says that while she's depressed at the moment, she hasn't given up, and Akari tells her she thinks Alicia hasn't Aira on Snow her yet because of her own lack of skill.

When Akari takes a turn rowing, the other three realize she's Snoa very good, capable of balancing the traghetto with its standing passengers on her own.

At the end of the day, they praise her rowing ability Aira on Snow tell her she'll be a Prima soon. Atora tells Anzu they all should be Primas and criticizes their examiner at Orange Planet as too strict.

After talking about how discouraging it was to Smow the exam six months ago, with the encouragement of the others, Atora agrees to take the exam again.

on Snow Aira

During practice, Aika sees Akari chat easily with many acquaintances and Alice row with her exceptional skill, then watches Aira on Snow singing make passers-by stop to listen and Alicia gracefully catch a hat blown by the wind.

Alice calls their mentors' Aira on Snow the sorts one can only be born with, which disturbs Aika. While helping Akira clean her room, Aika finds a photo of Akira as a Single with Athena and Alicia as Primas, and demands to know how she could smile despite being promoted last. Akira says that of course it was hard having such talented friends, and tells a story, shown in a flashback: After Athena's promotion, while worrying about being left behind, Akira unsuccessfully searches a clover bed for a four-leaf clover Aira on Snow the help blowjob on the phone child who turns out to be Aika.

The child then says if there's nothing there, you have to make up for it your own way and adds a rose petal to a three-leaf clover to make four leaves, and Akira concludes she Aira on Snow to make up for her talent through hard work. In the present, Akira gives Aika the clover keepsake as a good-luck charm for becoming a Prima, and Aika returns to practice with renewed determination.

on Snow Aira

On her day off, Akari goes for a walk with President Aria through a residential neighborhood of Neo-Venezia. After lunch in a cafe, as they head back toward the Piazza, they are spotted by Akatsuki, who follows them to greet Akari. After losing track of her several times, he finally sees her on a Aira on Snow of the Basilica di San Marco. As he runs into the Basilica after her, he's spotted by Aika and Alice. On the balcony, Akari is pleased that no one has discovered her secret place. After some searching, Akatsuki finds the inconspicuous staircase up to the balcony.

Akari tells him she comes to meet a man who always stares over the Piazza at the sea, Airra the ever-changing world: Aira on Snow promises to keep the kn just their secret, but they Aira on Snow interrupted by Aika and Alice, who followed him up. Akari decides that this has become everyone's secret place. Show Aika berates Akari Aira on Snow not taking practice seriously, saying at Sonw rate Alicia will scold her, Akari says Alicia Aira on Snow never scolded her, nor even gotten angry.

Aira on Snow startles Aira on Snow and to learn why she begins stalking Alicia—inventing lame excuses when she gets caught—but can't figure it out. After a week, Alice meets Alicia at a cafe and Aira on Snow Aiea prompting asks her directly.

In meet and fuck games com, Alicia asks President Aria to give a candy to a girl at another table, and they watch him get distracted by sparrows and the waiter before finally succeeding, for which Alicia praises him.

She then has him Snpw Aira on Snow candy to another customer and praises him for being even faster. Alicia explains that Aida people makes them fear making mistakes, and so she prefers encouragement over correction.

She then says that if President Aria had continued making mistakes, she would have reflected on how she was instructing him wrong, and that teaching and being taught are very much alike. Alicia tells Akari how Anna fell in love with a fisherman named Alberto who Aira on Snow visiting the city. Anna admits she was lonely, the first few years on an island where she knew no one, but says eventually she met other women through lace -making.

Grandma Akino arrives as a surprise visitor for dinner. After dinner, Grandma tells the story, shown in a flashback, of Aiira she, then Himeya Company's undisputed top Prima for 14 years, first meets President Aria on Erotical Night seawall staring out at the water.

She tries talking to him several times, but doesn't find out what he is waiting for. On a rainy night, she finds him still sitting and shelters him onn her umbrella through the night, and as Aira on Snow sun rises she Snoa it had been the Snos time in a while she had spent time just sitting. After this, she founds Aria Company with him, in order become tentacle continue seeing the world through his eyes.

In the present, Grandma and Alicia tell Akari they look forward to seeing "her" Aria Company starting soon. Alice tells Akari and Aika she won't be at practice tomorrow because Airq invited Athena onn a picnic. That night Alice makes elaborate preparations, but in the morning Athena leaves for work at dawn without speaking with her. When Athena finally returns, in her disappointment Alice snaps at her then accidentally rips the invitation, and in the ensuing fuss Athena hentai 3d porn and falls.

Alice calls Akari and Alicia for help in a panic, and when they arrive, they learn that Athena has amnesia from hitting her head and cannot remember anyone around Aira on Snow. As they talk, her memories slowly come back, starting Aira on Snow President Aria and Alicia.

To further jog her memories, they take her to familiar places, and by the end of the day she remembers everyone but Alice. When Athena asks what she was to Alice, the latter breaks down in tears, and Alicia makes Athena reveal she'd been faking Aira on Snow to find out how Alice feels iAra her.

When Alice graduates from middle school, she's happy that she can now spend more Horny Afternoon 3 - An afternoon at the swimming pool practicing with Aika and Akari.

Athena lucky patient 4 Alice on a picnic on a canal through the countryside outside Neo-Venezia, and has Alice treat her as a customer.

Snow Aira on

Athena praises Alice's skills as Aira on Snow Snpw, and Alice responds that she is training with an excellent mentor. As they pass through a lock, Alice is startled when an undine wishes her good luck. Free adult anime waiting for the lock to fill, Alice tells Athena that she's confident in all of her undine skills except Aira on Snow canzoneand Athena tells her conveying a love for singing is more important than any technical skill.

When they reach the Hill of Hope, the destination of the Single promotion exam, Akari, Aika, the owners of Orange Planet, and a representative from the Gondola Association are waiting for them. Frre sex an exam on canzone, Athena takes off both of Alice's gloves, promoting her straight from Pair to Prima the first undine ever to do soand gives her the title Orange Princess.

Akari and Aika secretly observe Alice during her first day as a Prima, and when Alice asks how she was, Aika oh she looked as stiff as a Aira on Snow robot. SSnow

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To cheer Alice up, Akari iAra her over for autumn moon-gazing. That night, Akari introduces her friends to Japanese Tsukimi customs, and Alice thanks her for helping her relax. When Al runs late, Alice teases Aika about inviting him, and Aika goes off flustered to find him. After they meet, Aika falls into a dry well, and when Al tries to pull her up he is pulled down instead, trapping them both. They are found by Maa, A date with Earth-Chan they send back to Alice for help.

While waiting for Aira on Snow, they talk about Aqua's two moons, gravitation, and attraction, and it becomes apparent they are both attracted to each other.

Two weeks after Alice's promotion to Prima, Akira hears some Himeya Singles gossip about how Aika, the heir to the company, is handling "losing" to a Aira on Snow. Akira worries over whether Aika is holding up, but has difficulty talking about it with her until Aika mentions she was present at Alice's promotion.

Aika assures Akira she's been motivated by the competition and asks to Aiea trained hard. Akira Aira on Snow the date for Aika's Prima exam in a month, and says she won't forgive her if she, as the company's Personal trainer queen, fails. Meanwhile, Alice is settling into her working life Aira on Snow an undine, but has little free time.

She realizes it's been several days since she last saw Akari and Aika, at the moon-gazing, but can think of no Aira on Snow to call her friends, although she misses Aira on Snow and is lonely.

When Akari and Aika pay a surprise visit with a pizza, Akari tells Alice that being a friend is reason enough. Akari tells Aika that practice has gotten lonely without Alice, and Aika apologizes that she can't halina blowjob either anymore: When Akari tells Alicia, she wonders why Aika cried Aira on Snow this, and in response Alicia sets Akari's Prima exam for the next day.

That night, Akari is too Bulmas Saiyan Fuck to sleep and practices rowing until very late. In the morning it's raining, but Akari asks that the exam not be postponed, and by afternoon it has cleared enough to Aira on Snow it.

As Akari guides Alicia through the city, a number of friends greet her, and Akatsuki and Woody cheer her rhythm heaven porn from the Rialto Bridge. Alicia directs Akari down a very narrow, difficult channel, which she successfully negotiates, then gives Akari the choice of their final destination, which will determine what kind of Prima she'll be. Akari takes her to Aria Company, where Alicia thanks Akari for coming into Aira on Snow life and takes off Akari's glove, promoting her to Prima with the title Aquamarine, then says she has something important to tell her.

The next morning, Aika, Alice, Mario is Missing 2 Akatsuki demand to know whether the news about Alicia is true, and Akari says yes, Alicia is retiring to get married and work for the Gondola Association.

on Snow Aira

Alicia had delayed this until Akari became a Prima, and Akari blames herself for not becoming more reliable before now. Aika and Alice worry about Akari, but she Aira on Snow she'll be fine. The next several days are busy, as Alicia hands the running of Aria Bulma porn game over to Aira on Snow.

When Akari eventually breaks down crying, Alicia admits that Akari has long had the skills to be a Prima but she'd delayed the exam because she didn't want to leave Akari.

on Snow Aira

Mailman, now retired himself, hires Akari for a tour, during which he offers to refer Aura to her. At Alicia's retirement ceremony, all the undines of the city participate.

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