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Elana Champion of Lust (Alpha ) is an adult game with sexy drawing created by knot games. Click on the thumbnail above if you want to play at the lastest.

Elana Champion Of Lust Chapter 1 Final + Chapter 2 v1.5.2a chapter 2 of lust champion

I like to share the games that I play online or on my PC champiom other internet users. My purpose is to share a lot of adult games, 3d games, and android adult games with other people passionate about adult games.

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Few years ago, when I've started to play the adult games, I thought was a joke, champion of lust chapter 2 now, I know that the games are very interactive and full of adventure. If you like my profile on this site, leave a comment and tell me your favorite game.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will chapmion be published. It was once an amazing kingdom on a small island that lived in peace and prosperity, until a new ruler came to power, a mad king.

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He was a possessed paranoid who all the time felt that his subjects were laughing at champion of lust chapter 2 behind his chaapter. He even believed that they do little work just to pay less taxes. One day, tormented by these thoughts, furious, he summoned the strongest wizards of the kingdom and ordered them to use the strongest incantation to deprive the will, the passions and lusts of the inhabitants of the kingdom.

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During the casting of the spell, something went wrong, it not only deprived the passions and lusts of all inhabitants, but also of all living things on the island. Under the threat of extinction were not only cchapter beings, but also people, since there champion of lust chapter 2 no more children.

The slots always display "Empty" but I hear the sound.

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Checked the FlashPLayer settings. I think also you can create your own special Citizens in the clone room.

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But these two function are not yet working. I am guessing you are supposed to be able to make something that you give to Rala as a present, to increase friendship.

You then can train her further, in combat scenarios.

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But this is not yet implemented. I completed Chapter 1 ages ago but its taken me a long time today to ot comfortable starting this one.

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To fully complete this quest, you will also need another amulet of interdimensional vision, which can be purchased in the renegades area during night.

Now when you finish their porn c of events you get their social actions but you only can have their champion of lust chapter 2 once a day.

Elana - Champion of Lust 2 - Alpha 1.7 (September 2018)

When you train them and level up them you get the combat skills and the possibility to use them more times during the day. Also now the images of the training are rotary instead of random so there is no chance to finish the training without seeing them all.

chapter lust 2 of champion

The hall of the elements with 5 events, the mage of the mental control with 3 events and 1 event of the archmage with 3 images. The event of the champion of lust chapter 2 needs to be unlocked by watching the event where he meets Alaina in pust forest after she talizorah hentai found the spirit of envy.

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Dark summon futa nympho waifu 2 events, pain purifies with 3 events cuampion 1 event of the mysterious note. Watchful robin sucks with 3 events and 3 images, futa community futa with 4 events and 5 images, the window of the thief with 2 events and the window of the couple with 2 events.

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