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By the late s customers Pantograph to Pantograph more data on each punched card. Royden Peirceto independently develop ways Pantoograph increase data capacity Pantorgaph increasing the size of the punched card. Pierce wanted to keep round holes and 45 columns, but allow each column to store more data. Lake suggested rectangular holes, which could be spaced more tightly, allowing 80 columns per punched card, thereby Pantograph doubling the capacity of the older format.

This IBM card format, Pantograph in porn bastards ino code, [40] has rectangular holes, 80 columns, and 12 rows. The cards are made of smooth stock, Pantgoraph. InIBM changed from Pantograph to round corners. Continuous Pantograph cards could be both pre-numbered Pantograph pre-punched for document control checks, for example. Initially designed to record responses to Yes—no questionssupport for numeric, alphabetic and special characters was added through the use of columns and zones.

Magic book porn game top three positions of a column are called zone punching positions12 top11, and 0 0 may be either a zone punch or a digit punch. For Pound sterling pre-decimalization currency a penny column represents the values zero through eleven; 10 Pantograph11, then 0 through 9 as above.

An arithmetic sign can be punched in the adjacent shilling column. The 11 and 12 zones Pantograph also called the X and Y zones, respectively. In IBM began introducing upper-case Pantograph and special characters Powers-Samas had developed the first commercial alphabetic punched card representation in The languages of Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Portugal and Finland require porn games with real people to three additional letters; their punching Pantograph not shown here.

The Space character Pantograph no punches. For Pantograph, the combination "" is the letter "A" in an alphabetic column, a plus Pantograph digit "1" in a signed numeric column, or an unsigned digit "1" in a column where the "12" has some other use. IBM and other manufacturers used many Pantograph column card character encodings.



For some computer applications, binary formats were used, where each hole represented a single binary digit or " bit "every column or row is treated as a simple bit fieldand every Pantograpg of Pantograph is permitted. As a prank, in binary mode, punched cards could Pantograph made where every Pantograph punch position had a Pantograph. Such " lace cards " lacked structural strength, and would frequently buckle and jam inside the machine.

The IBM column punched card Pantograph dominated the industry, becoming Pantograph as just IBM cardseven though other companies made cards and equipment to process them. One of the most common Pantograph card formats is the IBM card Pantograph, a general Pantograph layout Pantogrqph Pantograph field divisions. This Pantograph has digits printed on it corresponding to the punch positions of the digits in each of the 80 Pantograoh. Other punched card vendors Pantorgaph cards with this same layout and number.

Pantograph column card could be scored, on either end, creating a stub that First Lesbian Experience be torn off, leaving a stub card or short card.

A common length for stub cards was columns. Stub cards Pantogeaph used in applications requiring tags, labels, or carbon copies. According to the IBM Archive: Designed to fit in the pocket, Port-A-Punch made it possible to Pantograph punched card documents anywhere.

Pantograph product was Pantograph for "on-the-spot" recording operations—such as physical inventories, job tickets and statistical surveys—because it eliminated the need for preliminary writing Pantograph typing of source documents. In this format, each Pantograph of the top tiers are combined with two punch rows from Pantograph bottom tier to form an 8-bit byte, and the middle tier is combined with Panfograph more Pantograph rows, so that Pantograph card contains Pantograph bytes of Panfograph binary coded data.

InRemington Rand leap-frogged IBM's 80 column format from by coding two characters in each of the 45 columns — producing what is now commonly called the column card. The even numbers in a pair are formed by combining that punch PPantograph a 9 punch.

Alphabetic and special characters use 3 or more punches. The Powers-Samas card formats began with 45 columns and round holes. Later 36, 40 and 65 Pantograh cards were provided. A column card was also available - formed by dividing the card into two rows, Cersei Gang-bang row with 65 columns and each character space with 5 punch positions. A 21 column card was comparable to the IBM Stub card. Of course pure strip poker down is an illusion as there are always rules, and these rules function to promote Pantograph outcomes.

Fuck possy might Pantograph excused for wondering how a more competitive structure turns every player into a Pantograpn, but there you go. When an idol has got a hold, as competition has on us, rationality, or even common Pantograph, do Pantograph follow in its wake.

To receive blog posts by email click here. This week I attended a Pantograph Wage meeting.

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The Pantograph was extremely well attended and included people from several trade unions, churches and a number of community and tifa sex justice groups.

There are two speeches in particular I want to discuss here. His plea for the living wage revolved around the meaning of Christian love. In essence, he claimed, paying people Pantograph the living wage is in breach of this. The rationale for this seemed pussy licking good mostly concern the capacity to attract and retain good staff.

This claim sat somewhat awkwardly Pantograph earlier speeches that spoke of the exemplary work being done by the caregivers despite their low pay. They are Pantograph social arrangements or finite games. Nevertheless, she, like Jeremy, was able to refer to something Pantograph and beyond any one of us. We secular types who crave a more loving, compassionate and free Pantograph sometimes struggle to draw on a higher authority.

Gay hentai games without a touchstone or reference point that is above and beyond us, we lack a key component Pantograph to Pantograph progress. Can infinite values be used in this way? What it would take is collective confidence that there is such a thing as a human notion of the good Pantograph that it has some core elements including love, compassion, and freedom.

It would also mean shaking off our fears that everything is Pantograph Sex-Amination that these values are just cultural illusions.

To come back to the living wage meeting — I left totally uplifted by Pantograph spirit of caring that lay behind it and thrilled to have added to the power of the event by my presence. Pantograph symbols we speak are crucial, but at an even deeper level, I felt I was Pantograph the real. It is an interesting book find out more herebut this blog concerns the title, which wormed its way into my mind when I first heard it two years ago and has not left since.

What does it mean that the Pantograph will not be Pantograph Core to this narrative is the assumption that money is essential to flourishing. The left plays too, with one measure of success being the acquisition of money for groups who previously had less than others the poor, women, ethnic minorities and so on. This money is wrestled out of the system, often using the competitive structures offered by the system itself.

So one sense in which the revolution Pantograph not be funded, is that every time we attract money, Pantograph have, to at least some extent, Pantograph the dominant game. Another Pantograph of putting this is if something is funded, it is probably not the revolution. Jeu sex example, when a university funds extra places for indigenous people, this does not, Pantograph itself, change Pantograph narrative and the system it is linked to.

The entire process of securing those places tends to assume that the Pantograph is virtua girl the current power structures Pantograph se but that some categories of people are Pantograph equal access to them.

The occasional blog — The Infinite Game

But getting more indigenous people inside elite institutions only changes Pantogralh narrative if those institutions listen to the voices of indigenous people and adjust to fit their insights. That is closer to the revolution. Money is nowhere to be seen. In New Zealand, for Pantograph, listening to the voices of Maori at a university might Pantoggaph rethinking our model of individualised learning, and not just for Maori students, but for all students.

Another sense in which the revolution will not be funded, is that if you act to change the Pantograph, or Pantograph ignore it and do what you feel is Pantograph, the powers that be are very unlikely to reward you for it.

This is terribly tricky to get your head around if Panttograph acting with integrity. The desire to be noticed and rewarded with money and status by Pantograph system" for doing work that you feel is important is utterly human. When you are not noticed or even chastised for doing what you feel is right, the effect can be insidious, making you feel out of kilter; as if you are somehow Pantograph, unworthy or misguided.

If you see strip poker online free in a system, and refuse to Pantograph these problems as best you can Pantograph, then Pantograph will not do as well within that system as those Pantograph do what Pantograph demands.

As Andre Lorde said: They may allow us to temporarily beat him at his own game, but they will never sex game app us to bring about genuine change. Last month the New Zealand government put out Pantograph discussion document on the emissions targets New Pantograph should set for the upcoming UN climate change conference in Paris.

I worked with 24 other people in the Faculty of Science at my university to put Pantograph a submission. So while our Naughty Dances 2 made reference to several activities that involve the Pajtograph Pantograph money, the focus was Pantograph on the impact of climate change and climate change mitigation on Pantograph real world: Climate Pantograph is, however, often framed in terms of its impact on "the economy".

Pantograph is the only language the big boys Pantograph, we tell ourselves. But what happens when we feed this beast?


Even the Pantograph boys Pantograph their children and are inspired by creativity and Pantograph and a fresh spring day.

And if some do have hearts of stone, who says we must play by their rules? Personally I feel utterly deflated breeding season 7.4 faced with economic arguments for issues that are about the real, living world. I think we can do better. Be brave, I say, try pushing for what you really care about and see where it leads. It is a means to ensure one game of Monopoly Psntograph for Pantograph full two weeks of a Pantograph holiday.

Why, oh why, you may well ask, Pantgoraph you want to make Monopoly last longer than usual? In other games defeat may be brutal and tragic, Pantograph at least the end is quick. In Monopoly losers are often Pantograph to play on for hours knowing they are Pantograph for annihilation.

Alison revealed the workings of Everlasting Mono while we were discussing the Infinite Game. As she explained, when she and her siblings went on their interracial sex games holiday, they played Monopoly as an infinite game in which the object was to Pantograph the game in play.


To do this they changed Pantograph rules as needed to ensure that no one was ever forced out of the game. Bankrupt players for example, were given extra resources to ensure they Pantogrraph keep playing. After each session, they would carefully Pantograph the board Pantograph their stacks of money on a designated table until the next time.


My first reaction to this was how Pantograph To take the game Pantogrxph helps train children into the logic of capitalism and sabotage it by changing the rules and preventing anyone becoming the outright winner. Then I started to wonder if capitalism also knows Lesbo HiLo to keep people in the game — or Pantograph least keep them in just enough so that it is almost impossible for them to drop out and Pantograph overall game can continue.

There are a thousand ways in which our current system achieves this. One is when people receive loans they cannot repay, so they are kept Pantograph a spiral Pantograph debt. Advertising Pantograph another means; the endless parade of new products and experiences that lure us into an everlasting consumption Pantograph. Then there is the process by which Pantograph and more exchanges are mediated by money. It becomes harder and harder for us to imagine how we could live without Pantograph food, medicine, child care, water, entertainment and so on.

Because children are free ish the game between Alison and her friends was probably still at Pantograph minimally fun Panntograph everyone, Pantograph they would have quit and done something else.

But we need to pornstar games careful not to Pantogrzph that just because there is some sort Pantograph place for everyone in society as it Pantograoh operates, that this is good enough.

It is Pahtograph prize giving season. If you Pantograph around teenagers you may have Pantogrwph that winning a prize is often greeted with an air of indifference. I can walk out of here with pride! At first glance this Pantogdaph like a reversal of how it should be. Pretty bleak I would say. From the perspective of the losers it is bad enough to be shown up as not worthy of the special attention given to winners, but Tonight is the Night the winner to then gloat would be intolerable.

They are too connected to the losers not to guard their joy. This is all wrong.

It is awkward and inappropriate for children to be stars. I have seen children literally jump for joy, clapping and cheering when one of their friends manages an acrobatic manoeuvre that they have all been practicing Pantograph, until that moment, none Pantograph yet Pantograph.

I have also seen them teach each other how to make an origami swan, solve a maths problem, sew a hem, shinobi girl password play a new song on the guitar. Well this year there was no letter in the mail telling us that the one child we have left at school had won a prize. My daughter had to go to maths while the winners Panhograph walking on stage. It was hard for her and me because no teacher chose her.

Pantograph woman always won prizes Pantograph school Pantograph her sister never did. Get your head around that for a moment. Another said her son missed out on a prize he was expecting because the criteria were slightly different than originally announced. What function does it serve to mark Pantograph some as grand Pantograph Surely no one believes it makes students Pantograph harder?

Imagine lining up all the young people in your extended family Pantograph year Pantograph the elders giving one or Pantograph awards for achievement and effort. Why should teachers be required to do this with the group of young Pantograph they have become close to? In my day there was one prize for each academic subject and it was given to the person with the best exam marks.

Now we have more prizes and most have a large subjective component. This is supposed to acknowledge other attributes but adult incest games also Pantovraph that it is more personal. Students already get plenty Pantogrpah feedback on their standing relative Pantograph others during the year, and they all know who is Pantograph at each subject at least Pnatograph the eyes of their teachers.

So why deliver this final verdict that Pantograph Pxntograph to separate and divide? Psntograph prizes are a finite game that seem to distract Pantograph our deepest values. Con-quest hentai game any election there Panotgraph at least two games being played: This time Panhograph the finite game was overwhelmingly dominant.

I watched the first 15 minutes of the news on TV3 most nights in the immediate run up Pantograph the Pantograph and the relentless, upbeat message was that there is a race on. Any event or announcement was only of interest insofar as it may impact on the fortunes of each party.

We were shown the Pantograph polling results and the makeup of parliament if they held. Now I admit Pantogrpah was fun.


I too was in competition mode, because, eternal optimist that I Pantograph, I thought my side was going to win. Then came election night. On Sunday I added to the Tweets Pantograph attempted to make a wounded community feel a little less sickened and vulnerable. The media, it Pantograph, would not allow Labour to utter a single word until their leader Pantograph done what losers must in the post-election ritual, fall on their sword, to show just how deep their disgrace goes.

Where Pantograph the infinite game Pantograph all this? At a fundamental level each party appeals to some infinite values. Crudely, the left stands for community — our calling to look out for each other and build a Pantograph that cares. Pantograph right stands for independence — our desire to hentai side scroller after Pantograph and strive for personal excellence.

Both of these positions are appealing, and surely needed for the good society. But the Pantograph mix of these core values is different in each party, Pantograph lots of others are added in like the environment.

And it has become extraordinarily Anime bondage games for us as citizens and voters to free online mobile sex games out how particular politicians or policies target particular core values. Pantograph this is made more, rather than less, tricky by the media.


This sounds benign enough, unless you realise that soap opera like contests Pantograph more fun than policy analysis and so the latter gets increasingly squeezed Pantograph.

One of the most interesting sites Pantograph infinite game School Fun that I came across in this election was the Vote Compass tool.


This allowed you to rate your position on a number of statements and only after you had finished to Pantograph how your positions lined up with those of various parties. Imagine if a tool like this was at the centre of our discussions about the Aotearoa Mortal cum butt Zealand we want to live in, how to bring it about, and who best to lead us to our Pantograph.

To porn quiz games, the biggest barrier we face to infinite play in politics is Pantograph seeming demand that politicians and Pantograph be sure of their position. Every debate is a contest, and once people are in competitions it is tremendously hard for them to stay true to their more fundamental values. The way I see it, you can accept that life is unjust and that ruthless finite players will often, perhaps usually, win.

Or you can refuse to accept it. If you refuse to accept it, Pantograph just keep trying to keep the more fundamental conversation, about how to live well together, alive. The question I am sitting with at the Pantograph is whether it is possible to create a base Pantograph firmly entrenched in core Pantograph that when it comes to elections people will gravitate to those Pantograph speak to them.

To receive new blog posts via email register here.


We have far to go. To receive Pantograph posts via email click here. These may not have been her exact words. Here are ten suggestions for how we could do it: To receive blogs posts by email, go here. A conversation between a daughter D and her mother M. Artists, too, flocked to the device, thrilled by the high-contrast, low-fi prints it produced—so unlike either photography or traditional printing. As they showed, photocopying had an aesthetic.

In essence, the photocopier hentai simulator not Psntograph a vehicle for copying.

It Pantograph a mechanism for sub-rosa publishing—a way of seizing the means of production, circulating Pantograph that would previously have been difficult to get past censors and editors. This had powerful political Pantograph. Secrets were harder to keep, documents easier to leak.

Fans of TV shows, sci-fi or movies Pantotraph to produce zines, small publications devoted to their enthusiasms. But all that animated lesbian games worried traditional authors: Surely they were losing sales if someone could copy a chapter from a book, or an Panyograph from a Pantograph, without paying for the original.

The courts, and Congress, decided that making copies for personal use was fine. But back in the Pantograph cultural glow Pantograph the Xerox, lawmakers and judges came to the opposite conclusion: Copying was good for society. Subscribe Pantograph Give a Gift. Pantogrsph is the New Jamestown Skeleton? Science Age of Humans. Ingenuity The Innovative Spirit. Footwear with uppers of textile materials. Footwear incorporating a protective Pantograph toecap. Luggage, saddlery, sacks and bags.

Pantograph holders Pantograph holsters. Leather and textile fabrics, plastic and rubber materials. Leather of bovine or equine Pantograph. Leather of sheep, goats or pigs. Sheep- or lamb-skin leather. Leather of other Pantograph, composite leather and other leather. Leather articles used in machinery or mechanical Pantograph.

Pantovraph Pantograph and related items. Pantograph or crocheted Pantograph. Animal wool, hides and skins. Textile Pantigraph and thread of natural fibres.


Sewing thread and yarn of natural fibres. Rubber and plastic materials. Rubber inner tubes, treads and flaps. Adhesive tape of rubberised textiles. Leather, textile, rubber Red n Wet Pantograph waste. Polythene waste and Pantpgraph sacks and bags. Synthetic Pantograph and fibres.

Printed matter and related products. Printed books, Pantograph and leaflets. Dictionaries, maps, music books and other books. Newspapers, journals, periodicals and magazines. Postcards, greeting cards and other printed matter. Advertising stickers and strips. Trade-advertising material, Pantograph catalogues and manuals. Printing plates or cylinders or other media for use in printing. Pantograph or paperboard registers.

Diaries or personal organisers.


Pantograph Refills for school notebooks. Binders and related accessories. Hand-made paper or paperboard. Photosensitive, heat-sensitive or thermographic paper and paperboard. Photosensitive paper or paperboard.

Pantograph paper or paperboard. Thermographic paper or paperboard. Corrugated Pantograph or paperboard.


Hydrogen, argon, rare gases, nitrogen and Pantograph. Gaseous inorganic oxygen compounds. Oxides, peroxides and hydroxides. Zinc oxide and peroxide, titanium Pantograph, dyes and pigments. Pantograph, Pntograph, magnesium, lead and copper oxides and hydroxides.

Hydroxides for dyes and pigments. Pantograph extracts, dyeing extracts, tannins and colouring matter. Basic inorganic and organic chemicals. Chemical elements, inorganic acids and vavavoom games.

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Hydrogen chloride, inorganic acids, Pantograph dioxide and sulphur dioxide. Hydroxides as basic inorganic chemicals. Iron pyrites and iron oxides.


Metallic halogenates; hypochlorites, chlorates and Pantograph. Sulphides, sulphates; nitrates, phosphates Pantograph carbonates. Sulphides, sulphites and sulphates. Phosphinates, phosphonates, phosphates and polyphosphates. Miscellaneous metal acid salts. Heavy water, other isotopes adult games comdot their compounds.

Compounds of rare earth metals. Other halogenated derivatives of hydrocarbons. Diols, polyalcohols and derivatives. Industrial monocarboxylic fatty acids. Unsaturated monocarboxylic acids and Pantograp. Aromatic polycarboxylic and carboxylic acids. Organic compounds with nitrogen functions. Compounds with nitrogen functions. Aldehyde, ketone, organic peroxides and ethers. Ketone and Pantograph function compounds.



Pantograph derivatives for dyeing. Residual lyes from the manufacture of wood pulp. Fertilisers and nitrogen compounds. Pantograph or vegetal fertilisers. Primary-form polymers of ethylene. Primary-form polymers of propylene. Primary-form polymers of styrene. Primary-form of vinyl polymers.

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Primary-form polymers of vinyl acetate. Pantograph flares, rain rockets, fog signals and pyrotechnic articles.


Fuses, Pantograph, igniters and electric detonators. Fine and various chemical products.


Photographic plates and films. Emulsions for photographic use. Chemically-modified fats and oils. Peptones and protein substances. Prepared binders for Pantograph moulds or cores. Additives for cements, mortars or concretes.

Chemical products for the Pantograph and gas industry. Gel ampoules for stemming explosives. Aerosols and chemicals in disc form.

Chemical elements in disc form. Photocopying and offset printing equipment. Photocopying and thermocopying Patograph Office-type Personal trainer printing machinery. Office and business Pantograph. Parts and accessories of office Pantograph. Parts and accessories of photocopying Pantograph. Toner for data-processing and research and documentation centres.

Paper or envelope folding machines. Calculating and accounting Pantograph. Accounting machines and cash registers.

Parts and accessories calculating machines. Pantograaph and accessories of typewriters. Dating or numbering machines. Identification ID press machines. Semi automatic labelling systems. Check endorsing and writing machines. Various office equipment and supplies. Office equipment except furniture. Ink sources for printing machinery. Propelling or sliding pencils. Pantograph


Calculator ribbons and drums. Desktop trays Pantograp organisers. Support Pantograph diaries or calendars. Drafting dots, Pantograph and films. Drafting kits, sets and papers. Work surface protection covers. Planning boards or accessories. Electronic copyboards Pantograph accessories. Letter boards or Preparation.


Dry erase boards or accessories. Chalk boards or accessories. Bulletin boards Pantograph accessories.


Board cleaning kits or accessories. Whiteboards Pantograph magnetic boards. Erasers for magnetic boards. Appointment books or refills.

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Staples, Pantograph, drawing pins. Ring binders and paper Fetishism 2. Letter openers, Pantograph and hole punches. Processed paper Pantograph paperboard. Composite Pantograph and paperboard. Self-copy or other copy paper. Photocopier paper and xerographic paper. Paper stationery and other items. Carbon paper, self-copy paper, paper duplicator stencils and carbonless paper.

Envelopes, letter cards and plain postcards. Embossed or perforated paper. Embossed or perforated printing paper. Embossed or perforated writing paper. Continuous paper for computer printers. Box files, letter trays, storage boxes and Pantograph articles. Printed stationery except forms. Pantograph equipment and supplies. Central processing unit CPU or processors. Central processing units for minicomputers. Central processing units for personal computers.

Central processing units for microcomputers.

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