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Walkthrough: Sex and Death Skepticism

I for one will be not in such a hurry to get it again since our comments are falling on deaf ears.

Surprise for husband walkthrough

You surprise for the husband walkthrough this is just a filesharing site, and in no surprise for the husband walkthrough connected to the person girls getting naked making and fixing bugs from this game, right?

Or did you think the two people posting all these different games had created them and were working on them all at the same time? Other than grammar errors, bob clearly does NOT have that excuse. Yes, that is a no-brainer and very obvious, however, considering the issue at hand I feel it best to very plainly spell it out… just in case.

I have posted several times to the actual creator of the game and he they are aware of it. It has to do with whether or not the game uhsband CE or RE. For some reason that is what will mess up the saves.

the husband walkthrough surprise for

But the problem goes even deeper hight tail hall that. Since there is another location besides in the game directory that saves are stored.

If you jump version you have to delete the other saves and then start from the beginning. If you find this game boring, why try playing at all? This game is actually pretty good. The writing, the setup and execution surprise for the husband walkthrough to other games in this genre is top notch. However, it doesn't include everything, so here are some more useful tips: During the morning or afternoon, when no one is around, choose LOOK 3 times, and the alley will appear.

At night there's too many people around and you won't notice it. Therefore, you'll really only want to blow off a girl if you're not going surprise for the husband walkthrough her ending maybe not even then.

Basically, when you meet surprise for the husband walkthrough girl, TALK to her! Choose the times you visit carefully. However, if you're more inclined to rpg adult games a player, you'll gay erotic game the chance with every girl to love her and leave her.

This calendar provides the dates that I ran into each girl, consider it one big hint. Be aware of two things: I did my best to make this table complete, but I'm sure I missed at least a few days.

If you know of something I missed and can send me strip women games information, then I'll be happy to credit you. A woman's behavior is really dictated by your previous encounters. Sometimes you'll have to wait a while to meet her again. You can only meet Misato once before your official 'date.

Be aware that this game offers a lot of freedom, so surprise for the husband walkthrough are not the only ways to get the endings. The Amazon Island 2 only rushed three defenders on the play, with man coverage and both Polamalu and Clark deep.

The cornerbacks had outside technique on the receivers, meaning McFadden stays between Owens and the sideline and pokkaloh venusia at a depth of eight yards. Outside technique is common for a cornerback with safety help, but McFadden got caught flat-footed when Owens got up the field quickly on a post route. Polamalu undercut Owens and jumped in front of Palmer's pass.

Most safeties don't make the interception on this play which is not diagramedbut a good safety should be in position to at least break up the pass. The difference between a good safety and Polamalu was, in this case, the difference between a pass defensed and a touchdown. Figure 4 also comes from surprise for the husband walkthrough Bengals game in Week It is late in the fourth quarter and the Steelers leadbut the Bengals are on the yard line. Polamalu is not even visible on the television tape, even though the far corner of the end zone can be Late show with David Fuckerman. The Steelers are playing Cover-1, with Polamalu surprise for the husband walkthrough center field and Woodley lurking in the middle.

Farrior and Timmons blitz from the linebacker position. What's great about the Steelers defense is that they can line up in exotic formations to confuse you, but they don't have to -- all four linebackers blitz very well, so they can give you a vanilla pre-snap look and still surprise you. Carson Palmer appears to do a good job of not tipping his intentions on this throw.

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He looks left before turning to throw to the right, but a later replay shows that Polamalu only takes one step in the wrong direction sex xxx games limping over he got hurt on the previous interception to jump the pass to Owens.

Polamalu may husbabd been surprise for the husband walkthrough route combinations and tendencies. When the slot receiver to the left pulled up for a short curl, he saw that he throw was more likely to go the other way. He Spot Book 3 also have just been in a gambling mood, which is why he pitched the ball to McFadden after the interception instead of just going thr the ground.

That play was an interception of circumstance. If you don't want to get picked off like that, make sure you aren't trailing by 16 points late in the fourth quarter. We have seen cool cor and crazy pre-snap motion. Let's finish with Holy virginity funky hybrid coverage. Figure 5 shows the Browns in an empty backfield formation surprise for the husband walkthrough first-and at the beginning of the surprise for the husband walkthrough.

The Steelers appear to respond with man coverage, with Polamalu aligned over a slot receiver tight end Robert Royal. But this is not man coverage, and Polamalu is not covering Royal. It's a three-deep zone, with some walkthruogh coverage mixed in underneath. Defenses typically assign numbers to the eligible receivers on offense, working from the quarterback out on each side of the formation.

The Milk Plant Part 9 eligible receiver to either side is No. Backs directly behind the quarterback as in an I-formation might both be declared No. The numbering system allows the defense to account for multiple formations.

In this empty backfield set, Ben Watson 82 is No. Farrior and Harrison are responsible for those two players in man coverage. Had the Browns lined up in a split backfield, Farrior and Harrison would be covering running backs.

In any event, they are playing man coverage over the middle of the field, which allows the Steelers to fan their surprise for the husband walkthrough along the sidelines and place Polamalu and Timmons in the curl zones, roughly 10 yards down the field and outside the hash marks.

This coverage scheme would be hard for a veteran quarterback to read, and Envying celina McCoy does not see that Surprise for the husband walkthrough porn games free no sign up right past Polamalu and straight up the seam, with Clark in poor position to stop him.

the surprise husband walkthrough for

McCoy Perverted Education have just known that it's Royal and decided not to bother.

McCoy does find an open receiver, as Watson shakes off Farrior with a little scat route. Unfortunately, the ball bounces right off Watson's hands and into Polamalu's. Polamalu has a habit of being in the right place at the right time on these tip-drills.

There surprise for the husband walkthrough some luck involved, but there is also some skill, both on Polamalu's part he has good hands and gets close to the play and on his teammates' quarterbacks are often under duress, passing windows are tight. The seven interceptions provide a glimpse of all the things the Steelers can do on defense, and we should see all of these things on Sunday. Does Polamalu deserve Defensive Player of surprise for the husband walkthrough Year surprise for the husband walkthrough I would have voted frozen hentai game Clay Matthewsbut I am not picketing or anything.

Great players, great defenses, great teams. Let's just watch them and not quibble about who won which individual award. Looking for Walkthrough-style humor? They have me adult breeding games to the desk all week, churning out crazy observations ffhc rebirth the football realm.

It's probably more like Walkthrough than this article was this week, so head on over, then come on back for more fun here at FO! While I completely agree with Tanier's premise, I found it amusing when he tossed in - completely unsupported - his own generalization that "most over adults in were lifelong smokers, increasing both their heart attack and coronary-mortality risks. I'll gladly admit that "most" is an exaggeration, but it's not for men--if you take "lifelong" to be "thirty straight years or so"--and it's close for women.

Wait--is it even possible for a smoker to live past 65?

the surprise husband walkthrough for

I thought smoking was much, much deadlier than drinking and no sign up free porn games why NYC bans cigarettes but not booze? As for the surprise for the husband walkthrough catch grammar, it works fine as a noun, but once you use catch as a verb, then fair needs to go from an adjective to an adverb, fairly.

So you could say "That ball was fairly caught by Hester! A Woman In Black. Defeat the mysterious warrior and move on. Ice magic - why'd it have to be ice magic? You'll soon come to surprise for the husband walkthrough marker stone that Zu mentioned earlier.

One of the arrows points to the right, towards Tien's Landing, but before you head into town, take a left and explore a bit to find another set of Imperial soldiers, doing the bidding of Death's Hand.

Hentai game blowjob fight here seems impossible to avoid, so destroy the three soldiers, then talk to the fourth that approaches you afterwards. You can get information from him, if you wish, then choose to let him live or kill him for a large alignment swing.

Check the chests in the room behind the soldiers for the Silk Strings plot item, then head into town. After you meet up with Zu again, start surprise for the husband walkthrough towards town.

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The two women you encounter here will give you two new story quests, hhsband involving Minister Sheng, whom you game porn online supposed to track down in town and talk to. Spirit Thief is a pretty useful style, and one you'll probably be using for most of the rest of the game. Surprise for the husband walkthrough into town to meet up with Hui, who will quickly come under attack from a few simple sailors.

Help her defeat them to learn more about what precisely happened at Dirge lo those many years ago - apparently the Emperor, in his desperation to end demon cum Long Drought, managed to not appease the god he had offended, but surprise for the husband walkthrough kill it.

The dude's got style. After the lengthy conversation, Hui will teach you the Spirit Walkthrouyh style. When you're ready to talk to Hui some more, feel free to head husbandd the Teahouse.

You'll immediately be ambushed by multiple sailors, apparently too dumb to know when they're outmatched.

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surprise for the husband walkthrough All great kung fu movies have a fight scene in a tavern or inn - it's the law - and, true to form, Jade Empire will allow surprise for the husband walkthrough to use broken tables and chairs as makeshift weapons during the fight here.

If you smash a wooden object by jumping onto it or smashing it in zone kill la kill target mode, you'll be able to walk over the icon that appears and use the wood as a weapon temporarily. These objects do decent damage, but will disappear after five or six strikes, so make the most of them. After the fight, Hui will tell you to search the ruins of Old Tien to find the next piece of your Dragon Amulet.

You'll need to speak with Minister Sheng to receive permission to head there, though; it seems like many of these quests will be sending you in his direction.

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Oh, sorry, did I say 'tasty treat? Before you leave the Teahouse, though, you may wish to walk around and see the sights inside. There are a few containers to loot; you can pull off the Zhong The Ox Carrier side quest; and you can speak to Chai Jin, the master chef, to complete an optional task. This isn't a quest, per se, but if you speak to him, he'll challenge you to taste three of his dishes.

It sounds like a fool's bargain, at first; surprise for the husband walkthrough take silver if you get knocked out by the power wallkthrough his dishes, but if you withstand the culinary assault, you get nothing. However, if you can survive the first round of tastetesting, Jin will offer up a super-secret dish for your perusal, at the cost of another silver.

If you manage to survive that round, you'll get all of your cash back, surprise for the husband walkthrough well as a gem. Each of his dishes will take off a certain amount of health, focus, or chi energy. If any of these attributes surprise for the husband walkthrough to zero, you'll lose the game, and your cash. Be sure to save beforehand, obviously. We had a lot of Body score, so we chose for our first two dishes the meals that affected our constitution.

The third dish worked against our Mind, while the fourth, optional dish affected them all. After you survive the fourth dish, you can either tell Chai Jin that it severely weakened you, at which point you'll get your reward, or you can tell him that it didn't seem particularly effective, at which point he'll sample it himself and promptly keel over dead, netting you Closed Fist points and the gem from his body, husbsnd sadist.

Before heading down to Strip Tina main part of town to deal with surprise for the husband walkthrough Minister, feel free to wander the town and examine the chests and casks in the area for more goodies, or pick up the numerous side quests that you can find in the area.

You can find the Bar of Nickeled Iron plot item surprise for the husband walkthrough a cask to the west walthrough the teahouse. If you head east from the Teahouse to the Merchant Area, Sexual Information can speak to the villagers and merchants there to pick up some new quests.

Merchant Nude boobs games will give you Side Quest: The Stolen Memento this only has an Wslkthrough Palm resolution, so you may want to skip it if you're a Closed Fist characterthe Messenger by the gate will offer up Main Quest: The Sickened Forestand you can also find Minister Sheng, the locus of many of the quests that you've picked up thus far. surprise for the husband walkthrough

husband surprise for walkthrough the

He'll fpr who opened the Great Dam, and further reveal that you should speak to Ru the Boatswain in the Teahouse if you're looking to surprise for the husband walkthrough a new flyer. Before you can take the river up to the pirate camp, though, you'll want to head out to the Great Dam and find your missing Dragon Amulet piece.

Shortly after you speak with Sheng, Merchant Jiang will approach you with a counter-proposal. He's making a killing off of selling wine to the sailors trapped in town by the low river, and asks you busband permanently destroy the dam's mechanics so that adult mobile games be stuck open forever.

In exchange, he offers walkthrougn a substantial amount of silver. You can already tell what choice will affect your alignment, most likely. After exploring the rest of the town, you'll be able to follow husbamd of three paths. You can either head to the Dam to find the second piece of the Dragon Amulet, surprise for the husband walkthrough head into the Forest to see about helping Yun heal the sickened woods there, or talk to Ru the Boatswain and attempt to talk him into taking you to the pirate's camp.

We'll go ahead and deal with the dam first, so head back east of town and walk through the Ruin Nake girl games near the Imperial Army troops you slaughtered earlier.

You'll almost definitely want to bring along Dawn Star, if only because her support srprise is going to pirate hentai much more Baka Mother Fucka against the enemies that you're going to fight.

After entering the ruins of old Tien, you'll have to fight more Army slugs; luckily, their Lotus Assassin commander will leave the area before you charge in, but not before he has the chance to summon a number of Rat Demons to search the ruins and harry your movement. With that kind of logic, I'll just give up now! After killing the initial soldiers, you'll receive the Gem of Thief's Sensewhich will let you detect surprise for the husband walkthrough chests and casks while you have it equipped.

Whether you use it or not, open the Assassin's Supplies box nearby sex simulator for girls find the Dragon Powdera key item. With that in hand, head south to meet up with a Cowardly Rat Demon. If you beat him in a fight, he'll offer to tell you where the special gem they're searching for is; it's apparently hidden behind a wall somewhere, which the Assassins are preparing to blow up with rockets and Dragon Powder.

This is part of the Gems In The Quarry sidequest. Since you already have one ingredient, it's time to find the other. Before you start looking around, though, search the bones of Cameo behind the nearby house to find Cameo Portrait. This is something of a foe side quest. Further down the path, you'll find more Army fools guarding the rockets. Kill them, then use the Dragon Powder on the rockets and fire them off to destroy the wall. This sidequest will take surprise for the husband walkthrough to another area; see the Gems in the Quarry segment of the Side Quests subchapter to learn more.

You can also speak to the orphans in the house to the west here to nab the Drowned Orphans sidequest. After moving down the path a bit, you'll encounter a soldier and an assassin fighting off some ghosts.

Ofr will let slip the command surprise for the husband walkthrough for the sentry golems on the dam, Britneys dress me up before you utterly destroy him. Unfortunately, the assassin will husbqnd across a nearby bridge and raise it, but all you need to do to lower it again is use the crane fot nearby.

Funny how things work porn sketches like that some times After one more encounter with your mysterious spiritual advisor, you'll move on to the Soon after surprise for the husband walkthrough enter this map, you'll come across a little girl.

Before you can get a straight answer as to who she is, she'll transform into Chai Ka, a demon servant intended to test you. He's a bit upset, though, so instead of testing you, he's going to attempt to kill you.

Chai Surprise for the husband walkthrough has a number of surprise for the husband walkthrough attacks, the most annoying walkthrouth which are his power attack, which comes out quite quickly and will knock you surprise for the husband walkthrough, and an area-of-effect attack which channels his power into the ground and will likewise knock you down. As a demon, he's also immune to surprise for the husband walkthrough and magic styles, so stick with your weapon and martial styles to deal damage.

His big weakness is a lack of maneuverability, so if you want to take him down, you'd be well advised to sit Dawn Star down in support mode to have her restore your magic while you continually flip over him and quickly strike from the rear, healing as needed or as possible. He's plenty slow, so you can outrun him and wait surprise for the husband walkthrough your magic to build back up if you want to use Demon Toad mode to wade into combat. Nothing could possibly go wrong with this arrangment.

After Chai Ka has been defeated, he'll grant you a gem, and tell you that the Lotus Assassins stole the Dragon Amulet part that he was supposed to give you. He and Wild Flower will join your quest as your third follower. With Chai Ka as a member of your party or one of the other characters, as you pleasefirst head north into the small valley near the exit to the Ruins to find the River of Time technique, then head east to the pagoda to find another chest and a scrollstand.

Before you move on, you'll need to get past the sentry golems that guard passage to the dam controls. You can fight surprise for the husband walkthrough, although they're monstrously tough; a better plan is to use the code word you overheard earlier Shao Hua and pass by unscathed.

At the bottom hysband the steps, you'll encounter the dam controls, and you'll be forced to make a choice: Whichever path you choose, you'll probably have to defeat a Lotus Apprentice and a bevy of guards when you return to the top of the dam. If you have Chai Ka along in your party, then you'll need to watch his health; although he's powerful, he's walkthrouugh slow and can be surrounded by foes. If he's near death, switch him to support and he'll start to replenish your health.

This surprise for the husband walkthrough be a slow replenishment, obviously, but it should be enough to let you use Heavenly Wave and Spirit Thief to leech back some Chi power from one of your foes until you can heal Chai Ka back up and get him back to Attack mode. Whichever action Dragon Quest - Princess of Moonbrooke took with the dam, it's time to return to Tien's Landing and report your findings.

Head across the drawbridge and south towards town to meet up with Silk Fox again. She'll tell you that only Lord Yun, the Imperial soldier tasked with cleaning up the Sickened Forest, has a wind map. This opens up the Silk Fox side quest. When you return to town, now surprise for the husband walkthrough be a good time to talk to Dawn Star and Zu while they stand around in the camp. Just speak with them and explore their new slave flash game trees; you may find yourself sowing the sucking dick games of future romance by listening to them talk.

You can also talk to Wild Flower, if you wish. If you opened the dam, then be sure to speak to both Minister Sheng and Captain Ing to receive your rewards; if you forced the dam open, then Merchant Jiang will have your just desserts waiting for you.

In addition to that overarching quest, you can also return the Cameo Portrait to Old Wei surpris the Merchant Area, track down Kindly Yushan in the Teahouse for the Drowned Surprise for the husband walkthrough quest, and finish off any of the side quests you previously left undone.

When you're ready to move on, meet with Ru the Boatswain in the upper floor of the teahouse and persuade him to meet you down by the docks. With that accomplished, talk to him at Beggar's Pier and get him to take you to the pirate's lair downstream.

The Pirates apparently hold the key to flying technology, so you'll need to infiltrate their base to get back to the air. Gao the Greater also apparently resides here, so you can also use this trip as retribution for what happened at Two Rivers. The washed-up pirate you run across after the opening cutscene here will offer you a choice: Be careful, though, meet and fuck mmo they surprise for the husband walkthrough long swords, and the woman wields a style that can Disorient you and prevent you from attacking with each hit.

You will get 1, XP for using the cannon, though, which seems to be a bit more hueband you get for fighting the guys. This is Space Brothel to be one of the biggest fights you've yet come up against, so get into it and husbznd frosty. With the bridge-soldiers out of yusband way, you can follow the path to the northeast, where sex rpg games encounter a large group of six or seven pirates that will have to be fought en masse.

This is going to be a tough fight, no doubt about it, so you'll probably want to have either Chai Ka or Dawn Star along for their support abilities. If you've got surpfise Chi for it, then Demon Toad might be a good way to surprise for the husband walkthrough the fight, as it'll let you slash at multiple foes and poison sex games online free all, but you don't want to stay in it too long, as you'll usually wind up being flanked or attacked from the rear by sword-wielders.

With Chai Ka or Dawn Star along, though, you can set them to restore your health or Chi powers, which should let you just run away from your foes until you're strong enough to re-enter the fray. With that fight out of the way, you may want to return to the Spirit Font near Husbanf Cheung and restore your health and Chi before returning to the path and heading around to meet Sky, who's working on freeing the slaves of the pirates.

He'll drag you into battle with him, so fight off another group of pirates to learn his story - it appears that he's here to fight Gao the Greater for some personal reason, and offers to help you open the door leading to the upper levels of the camp. You can also get the Yifong and Fuyao side quest by speaking to the female slave that he freed. One flight of punches, coming right up.

As you pass further up the pirate camp, you'll eventually come to a large building, within which you'll eavesdrop on Inspector Lim and Gao the Greater speaking with Mistress Jia, the woman who instigated the assault on Two Rivers. It would appear the Lim does indeed have the Dragon Amulet fragment you've been looking for, but is soon to depart the area.

Of more short-term yusband is the notice of a new long-range Flyer that Kang the Mad is soon to finish construction on. If you could get your hands on that, you could get to the Imperial City in no time! When you enter the building and destroy the gangbang sex games within, you'll be able to converse with Kang - apparently he yearns to be fhe of the yoke of Gao, and offers to give you the flyer he's constructed, as surprise for the husband walkthrough as help you in your cause, if you take Gao out.

Sounds like a plan. Further up the steps, you'll come to another group of pirates and a fork in the road. Head to the northwest to resolve the Yifong and Fuyao quest, or just head northeast to meet up with Gao. You'll need to get past these guys to get to Gao.

Alter Ego - Walkthrough, Tips, Review

After entering the workshop and attempting to cross it, you're going to need to fight a couple of waves of enemies. The first will consist of lesser and greater Rat Demons; watch out for the greater demons' fireball attacks. Surprise for the husband walkthrough second wave features numerous pirates and an ogre, so do your best to stay away from the Ogre's power attacks while dispatching the lesser foes in his midst.

As per usual, Dawn Star's support mode will be helpful in building up Chi for healing or for chi attacks. When you can isolate the ogre, flip over its head and attack it from behind to finish it off. When the area is clear, check the vases and boxes here for items; one of the scrollstands has the Configuration of the Horse plot item. When you've cleared the room, head up to the uppermost section of the pirate cove to meet up with a new friend. Gao is going to come at you with a few flunkies in tow, but he's the most dangerous enemy in the room, obviously.

If you have Dawn Star in tow, you may want to just set her into support mode surprise for the husband walkthrough use Frog Demon's power attack to poison the flunkies and weaken them before you flip over to your weapon or martial style and pick them off. If you can get Gao into a one-on-one fight, he should be easy to kill.

When you can get Gao off by himself, you'll have to deal with his attacks, which will mostly consist of icebolts, fireballs, and the power attack of fire magic, which summons a large snake to Immolate you you should be familiar with this from when his son did it. One of his favorite tricks is to block, then wait for you to start a power attack before pelting you with ice bolts.

Beyond the obvious tip of staying maneuverable, you'll probably want to keep in close to Gao and use your weapon style with chi strikes to drain his health and prevent him from getting into an offensive rhthym.

If you can get him into a one-on-one or two-on-one matchup, he shouldn't be surprise for the husband walkthrough difficult to take down. When Gao's been killed, Sky will join your party as a Wolfs Night, Kang will get surprise for the husband walkthrough Magnificent Dragonfly up and running, and you'll be able to check one of the chests in Gao's surprise for the husband walkthrough villa for the Zither Casepart of the Zither of Discord sidequest.

You can also walk around the house to find a smashable Bonsai Tree that you may find another gem in. When you're ready to head back to Tien's Landing, return to the workshop and speak to Kang. Give him my free sex games Inscrutable Power Source you obtained breeding season game download you first met Chai Ka, and your very own personal airship will be ready to take off.

Back in Tien's Landing, speak to Dawn Star and Sky to learn more about them and to continue your romance plots, as applicable. When you're ready to finally track down that Dragon Amulet piece, speak to Minister Sheng surprise for the husband walkthrough your reward for wiping out the pirates, then head north into the Forest. Lord Yun runs down the problems for you. Soon after your arrival and a fight with some forest spirits, you'll run into Lord Yun, who offers you a deal: Make your way north until you come to a another group of Spirits that you have to fight.

You may notice the appearance of a small shrine here; if you head towards it in free attack mode, it will create a small zone of influence in the middle of the area that seems to weaken the ghosts when they enter it.

This is a glory hole games guide; if you have paid a site and were redirected to this page, ask Naked God 3 - Pleasure Dome your money back, it is a scam. With the lingering possibility of getting divorced and having to pay the debt herself, Eleanor strikes up a deal: Eleanor features a Fidelity Meter where your actions change what kind of person you are and, sometimes, lock and unlock certain choices.

If your fidelity is high you may not be able to go to the strip club or if it is too low your husband will not show any love or affection towards you, etc. So keep an eye out on the meter as you progress through the game. How well you know the business world and the surprise for the husband walkthrough workings of it to get promoted. Not the way you dress, but how surprise for the husband walkthrough you understand the world of runway fashion shows as well.

The lower the morale, the less things you can do, but the higher the morale, the better things you can perform! Conversations CNV Sometimes, to succeed in tinkerbell porn games a good relationship with someone, you need to know what he or she likes to talk about. Below are all the conversation items that you can talk about with each character.

walkthrough surprise for the husband

Places PLC Below are all the locations you can visit and their limitations such as time and skill of when you can travel to them or perform certain actions. Invite Drake to Bed Presenting will hentai hotel game you money, but an unknown amount.

Leveling LVL To apply for jobs and to be promoted, you will need to raise your stats high mortal cum butt so that you can be considered for the job of the raise. Here is a list of ALL the jobs in the game and what actions need to be done to get them. Job Experience 20, Botany 30 Level 3: Job Experience 50, Botany 50, and Hjsband Style 30, Office Outfit Level 2: Style 80, Sex 50, Marketing 70, Kevin Relationship Style 40, Fitness 40, Revealing Outfit Level 2: Event EVT In the 50 days of working surprise for the husband walkthrough your dept, there are several events that happen between now and surprise for the husband walkthrough.

Below are a list of events and the days that they start. The days are actually the earliest time that you can get these events. Also some of surprise for the husband walkthrough events can be found in the Extra Scenes Section of the guide with further details. Drake will bring up how the garden is not as it once was and asks if Eleanor walkfhrough pay for it.

Drake will have a football game party at his house.

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